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3pc Aluminum Racing Pedals without Focus Logo

3pc Aluminum Racing Pedals without Focus Logo

3pc Aluminum Racing Pedals without Focus Logo
3pc Aluminum Racing Pedals without Focus Logo
3pc Aluminum Racing Pedals without Focus Logo
3pc Aluminum Racing Pedals without Focus Logo
3pc Aluminum Racing Pedals without Focus Logo
3pc Aluminum Racing Pedals without Focus Logo
3pc Aluminum Racing Pedals without Focus Logo
3pc Aluminum Racing Pedals without Focus Logo

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Brand: CFM
This item may take 1-2 weeks to be made before it is shipped out.

Note: These pedals do not have the Focus logo.

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Price: $49.95

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Product Details

Pedal Grip Test
After years of explaining to people how much grip our pedals have, I decided to put some numbers on them to make the explaining easier. Also, I was rather curious myself to see how our pedals stacked up against each other and stock rubber pedals. Basically, we mounted the pedals to a steady platform. Next, we put a rubber soled shoe (a Reebok)on top of the pedal. We then applied 28.6 lbs of weight to the pedal. This weight was chosen since it was the weight of a battery we had sitting in the shop, and seemed a reasonable weight for a light pressure stop. We then pulled the shoe off the pedal using a pull scale to measure how much force was required. We then repeated this process for all the pedal types a total of 5 times. The results were remarkably consistent. We then repeated all the tests again 5 times just to confirm the results.

After running the dry tests, we wanted to check the adverse condition traction of the pedals. We decided to use ArmorAll on the pedals as it is extremely slick, as well as easy to apply in the squirt bottle. We applied the ArmorAll to the shoe at the beginning of the 5 pulls, and to the pedal for each of the 5 runs. The results for all the testing is below.

We've been making the GRID style pedals for some time now. I recently started experimenting with the pointy tipped, or Pyramid style, grid pedals. They look very much like the standard GRID pedals, but have even greater traction. After seeing the results of this testing we are going to switch all our GRID pedals over to the Pyramid style grid. It might take some time to update all the pictures on the website.

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Testimonialsfrom Fans and Enthusiasts

Just wanted to let you guys know that I am really impressed with your store. I just purchased over $1,000 worth of parts for my Focus and will definitely be back for all my performance needs. Like I said I am really impressed with your service and will definitely spread the word to the Focus community here in Indy.
- Zach R.

I would like to thank you very much on the prompt delivery of my order. It blows my mind to see it arrive in 2 days. Again, thank you very much. I will always shop for my Focus parts through c-f-m.
- Patrick B.

Talked to William on the phone and he was great help! Received the order and I can honestly say, I am very pleased with your customer service.
- Mike T.

Got the part on Tuesday and was very pleased with the quality of the CFM mount and the apparent care with which it was manufactured. The instructions were also very clear and effective. Thanks for making a great product and I look forward to purchasing more SVT products from you.
- Rene Y.

I have ordered many times from CFM Performance. I've never had an issue with shipping or with any of my products. Their prices are very good and they run sales from time to time to make them even better!
- Brandon C.

I've placed many orders with CFM for my rally Focus build and orders are filled very quickly and I receive the items in only a few days and I live in Canada eh! Well done CFM Performance. Looking forward to my latest batch of go-fast parts!
- Mike K.

Simply wanted to take a minute to thank your team for yet another quickly sent, well-packed and exact order I received a couple days ago. I had the parts successfully installed yesterday... by people that still can't believe I can obtain the exact same O2 sensor as their business but for half the price (even after having it shipped to Canada)! - Philippe G.

Just a quick thank you for another great online shopping experience with you guys. Parts received within specified shipping time and very well packed. I will use you again when the time comes.
- Danny C.

I've been wanting the Focus Builders' Handbook for a long time, and you guys carried it for a very reasonable price. I'm pretty sure I received it within two days of purchase (and it traveled from FL to NV!). With shipping and prices like that, I'll definitely be ordering from you guys again! - Aaron B.

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