CFM 67mm Throttle Body and Steeda Tri-Ax/F Shifter for '02-04 SVT/ST170 Focus

CFM 67mm Throttle Body and Steeda Tri-Ax/F Shifter for '02-04 SVT/ST170 Focus

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Note: Throttle body is Black anodized.

CFM 67mm Throttle Body

Enhance the performance of your SVT Focus with 2-4whp and a much more responsive throttle feel. The 65mm bore allows for increased air flow. The revised positioning of the pivot linkage dramatically improves the sluggish throttle response that is common in the SVT.

Steeda Tri-Ax/F Shifter

The Tri-Ax/F is more than just a short handle. Steeda re-engineered the entire shift mechanism with an improved pivot ratio so you can enjoy faster shifts without having to bend down to reach the shift knob. The throws are shorter and the shift knob is located in a more comfortable position than the factory shifter, without being too short like other "short throw" shifters that are really nothing more than a chopped down stick. The Tri-Ax/F is manufactured with heavy-duty parts to withstand abuse. Installation can be done by the do-it-yourselfer with basic hand tools. The Tri-Ax/F is available for all Zetec and SVT Focus with a manual transmission.

Kit Contents:

CFM 67mm Throttle Body, Part Number: 4-0055
Steeda Tri-Ax/F Shifter, Part Number: 555-7233
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