Centric High Carbon Performance Front Brake Rotor (Each) for 2013-14 Focus ST/ST250

Centric High Carbon Performance Front Brake Rotor (Each) for 2013-14 Focus ST/ST250

SKU: 125.39038
Brand: Centric
Price: $64.95
Note: This rotor only fit Focus ST models with 12.6 inch front rotors. The late 2014 and 2015 Focus ST models have 13.1 inch front rotors.
Product Details
Utilizing the same split core symmetric molding process used by Original Equipment manufacturers, Centric’s High Carbon Plain 125 Series Rotors dissipate heat efficiently and provide better stopping power especially in repeat stopping situations. Containing an advanced metallurgy containing proprietary Molybdenum and Chromium alloys, the rotors resist cracking during high performance use or repeat stop situations. The alloys also greatly reduce the pad squeal associated with higher friction, European-style brake pad compounds and increases the friction couple to improve brake performance and stopping power.

The Centric High Carbon Plain 125 Series Rotor features a double disc ground finish that virtually eliminates run out and any disc thickness variation (DTV) issues. The non-directional, double disc ground finish also provides improved rotor and pad break-in while a directional vane design improves airflow and cooling. Rotors are mill-balanced, as well, to ensure smooth operation regardless of speed.

Centric High Carbon Plain 125 Series Rotor Features:

• Premium black E-coating finish to combat corrosion on the rotor hat and between the cooling vanes

• Center split castings for increased strength and stability

• Superior cooling fin designs

• Double disc ground finish

• 100% fully machined finish including rotor hats

• 100% inspected and mill-balanced for smooth operation regardless of speed

• Lateral run out held to 0.002” or less

• Meet or exceed rigidity quality specifications, including cooling vane designs

A center split casting increases strength and stability, but to further promote longevity, the rotors feature Centric’s exclusive black E-coating finish. Engineered to withstand 400 hours of salt spray testing without corroding, it is applied on all non-friction surfaces to prevent premature rusting.

E-Coating Advantages:

• Uniform coating thickness over all areas including sharp corners, recesses and areas that are hard to reach with spray painting

• Nontoxic and water-based paint material

• Approximately 95% utilization of paint with no overspray, drip or drain losses

• Complete paint coverage — no touchup of paint ever required

Make/Model: Focus
Year: 2013
Year: 2014
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