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Cobb Accessport V3 for 2015-2016 Ford Mustang EcoBoost

Cobb Accessport V3 for 2015-2016 Ford Mustang EcoBoost

SKU: AP3-FOR-003
Brand: COBB
Price: $500.00
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Product Details

2015-2016 Ford Mustang EcoBoost AT USDM*

  Peak Gains Maximum Gains
Stage1 91 Octane +3% +25% +24% +27%
Stage1 93 Octane +5% +28% +27% +30%

Peak Gains are measured as the absolute maximum value between the highest points of two plots.
Max Gains are measured as the largest gain at a single point between the two plots.

Switchable Maps Included:

*Results may vary. Power as tested on 2015 Mustang EcoBoost vehicles using top tier fuel. Generally speaking, 91 octane calibrations have a richer fuel curve, and a less aggressive ignition advance map to help compensate for lower octane fuel blends such as those found in Arizona, California, and Nevada; and/or less than ideal atmospheric conditions. The maps designed for 93 octane are the most aggressive.

*91 and 93 octane results are compared against a 93 octane fuel baseline. Your 91 octane results may be higher than listed above; as a baseline of 91 octane fuel may read lower than our 93 octane baseline.

Make/Model: Mustang
Year: 2016
Year: 2015
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