JMS Dry Nitrous Kit with SCT Xcal3 & JMS Progressive Controller - Stage 2 - 2011+ Mustang GT 5.0

JMS Dry Nitrous Kit with SCT Xcal3 & JMS Progressive Controller - Stage 2 - 2011+ Mustang GT 5.0

SKU: NOS-5001
Brand: JMS
Price: $2,099.00

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Tested: April 2012 MM&FF Magazine (Page 110: Plug and Spray)

JMS Nitrous Kit + Stock 2011 Mustang GT Automatic = 11.11@124mph on 18" radials, Gain of 135rwhp.

All kits now include a free upgrade to the JMS Progressive N20 controller (PN: NOS-6021).


Specifically engineered for the 2011+ 5.0L 4v Mustang, 2011+ Shelby Mustang or 2011+ 3.7L V6 Mustang.

Simple to install and easy to use.

Run two wires and one line from the kit into the engine compartment.

Fill the nitrous bottle, plug in the cigarette lighter plug and have fun!

The kit automatically senses when you are at Wide Open Throttle, and a built in window switch engages the system (Automatically activates the nitrous kit at WOT above 3000rpm and below 7000).


Kit includes:

Stage II upgrades include: PowerMAX PM1000 Fuel Pump Booster, 47# injectors, high-hp nos jets: 0.076 and 0.086

Stage I kit: Nitrous Bottle, Nitrous Solenoid, Nitrous Line, Carpeted Bottle Bracket Assembly, Nitrous Jets (0.041, 0.046, 0.052 and 0.062), JMS Progressive N20 Controller PN NOS-6021, , X3 Handheld + JMS Custom Calibration, Wiring Harness with quick disconnects, instructions

This kit will also work on MOST other Ford and GM vehicles from 1989 - 2012. Call us before ordering so we can customize the kit for your specific vehicle (V6 Mustang, V8 Camaro and Mustang, etc).

Download the Product Technical Information Sheet
Download the NOS Controller Instructions
Download the NOS Controller Diagram

Installation Video:

Product Video:


Configuration Video:

Make/Model: Mustang
Year: 2011
Year: 2012
Year: 2013
Year: 2014
Engine: 5.0L V8
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