S-MAX Ice Tube Cold Air Intake Chiller Turbo CO2

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Brand: S-MAX
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The Ice Tube is a breakthrough air cooling system for naturally aspirated engines that uses S-Max Intercooler's patented internal coil system technology. Intake air travels through a 4" aluminum tube that is wrapped around internally by an aluminum coil. The coil is attached to a cooling system like our CO2 kit. When activated, the CO2 traveling through the coil creates a freezing chamber inside the Ice Tube, chilling the air just before intake.

The Ice Tube is available with 2.5" and 3.0" inlets to fit most applications and measures 9 3/4" in length. And although it is designed for aspirated engines, it is also a great complement for those looking to supplement an intercooler in turbocharged engines.


Inlet / Outlet Size: 3 inches

Overall Outer Diameter Size: 4 inches

Overall Length: 9 3/4 inches

CO2 Inlet / Outlet: -4 AN

CO2 NOS Chilled Water and even FREON can be used as a cooling agent Just hook it up to the -4 AN and feel that temperature drop!
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