Steeda Rear Lower Engine Torque Mount for '11-14 Fiesta w/ Manual Trans.

SKU: 555-4029
Brand: Steeda
Price: $149.95
Note: Does not work with automatic transmissions.
Product Details

Steeda's streetable performance engine mount is manufactured from high grade billet aerospace aluminum and polyurethane bushings.

This engine mount is a direct replacement for your rear engine mount.

The increased bushing stiffness will reduce bushing deflection and reduce or eliminate wheel hop on your front wheel drive Fiesta. The reduced bushing deflection will also give your Fiesta a firmer shifting feel and put more of your vehicles power to the ground.

Product Benefits

  • Improves throttle response
  • Me in-house from billet 6061 aluminum
  • Reduce or eliminate wheel hop
  • Put more of your engines power to the ground

  • Product Fitment

    2011-14 Ford Fiesta w/ Manual Transmission

    Make/Model: Fiesta
    Year: 2011
    Year: 2012
    Year: 2013
    Year: 2014
    Engine: Duratec 1.6L
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