Steeda Tri-Ax/F Short Throw Shifter for '00-Apr '02 Ford Focus Zetec

Steeda Tri-Ax/F Short Throw Shifter for '00-Apr '02 Ford Focus Zetec

SKU: 555-7213
Brand: Steeda
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NOTE: This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

CLICK HERE to view details on the CFM Performance adjustable shifter for your '00-02 Focus which we currently have in stock.

Shift your Focus faster and easier with Steeda's Tri-Ax/F short throw shifter. The Tri-Ax/F is more than just a short handle. Steeda re-engineered the entire shift mechanism with an improved pivot ratio so you can enjoy faster shifts without having to bend down to reach the shift knob. The shift knob is located in a more comfortable position than the too-tall factory shifter, without being too-short like other "short-throw" shifters

All Tri-ax shifters also include Steeda's patent-pending Shift Assist, which improves spring tension to make quick shifts from second to third gear easier. This simple device lets you powershift with confidence, knowing you will find the right gear every time.

The Tri-Ax/F is manufactured with heavy duty parts to with stand abuse, including a CNC machined steel shaft and billet aluminum reverse lock. Installation can be done with basic hand tools by the do-it-yourselfer in two hours. The Tri-Ax/F for 2000 - mid 2002 fits all 2.0L Zetec Focus' equipped with the MTX-75 five-speed transmission.

Ford changed the shifter design of all Zetec Focus built on or after April 2002. Our Tri-Ax/F 2000- mid 2002 will not fit these new shifters. You can visually identify which one you have by looking at the factory shift knob in this picture.

The early style shift knob is on the left, Late style shift is on the right.
Cars built before April '02 have the early style.
Cars built after April '02 have the late style.
Cars built in April '02 must be checked and verified.
Make/Model: Focus
Year: 2000
Year: 2001
Year: 2002
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